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The Introduction

The three twats from Hat Films giving you a thumbs up.

In the first creatorDB spotlight I, the author, decided to choose one of my favorite channels in the last few years: Hat Films!

The three english guys are a “lesser” known (<1 Mio. Subs) part of the Yogscast, which are famous for their part in making Minecraft pretty huge back in the days, even though Notch might still disagree with that sentiment.

The three Hat Films guys stream and record in Yogtowers in Bristol, UK. You rarely see them seperated, which is a big part of why they work so well together: They are good friends and you see and feel it. Their official members are Chris Trott (Trottimus), Ross Hornby (djh3max) and Alex Smith (alsmiffy). There’s also their editor and cameraman Craig, which has appearances here and there and clearly should become an official member, I mean come on.

The Focus

GTA V and Minecraft are still relevant.

GTA V and Minecraft are still relevant.

The channel is mostly a gaming channel where the three guys play various games either together or against each other. They do have lots of different reoccuring series in games like Minecraft, GTA V, Trials, Trouble in Terrorist Town and more. They also regurarly play smaller games like UNO, Golf with your friends or Wheel of Fortune. There’s also lots of one-off videos in between. Some sponsored content can appear here and there, but it’s a lot rarer than on other channels and most of the times still very entertaining. Sometimes they even do pretty elaborate ads which are surprisingly funny.

In their streams (that are very regular right now) they play loads of other games and do some sponsored streams from time to time. They are not giveaway-heavy, but they have had some in the past. Interacting with their viewers is important to them as long as it doesn’t disrupt the stream too much, which in my opinion is perfect. They also do a Podcast called Hat Chat and upload it to their second channel, where all their VODs from twitch are as well: Hat Films Extra. In the yearly Yogscast Jingle Jam, they contribute with some game streams and their iconic music stream, where they show off their musical talent (for real, actually) and use it to record very stupid songs.

One of my personal favorite parts are the occasional travel vlogs they release on YouTube. Even though Hat Films is not a vlog channel, they are well-made and well-edited and still have the usual goofing off included.

Their style in all of this is spontaneous and feels honest. They don’t (have to) try hard to be funny and sometimes they just don’t want to be and rather talk about morality, science or Smiffy’s rash. It’s a good mix of jokes, sincerity and the occasional angry screams at each other. All in all it’s just three british blokes playing games, having fun and being dicks sometimes. They’re also not particularly skilled at games (with some exceptions).

The Demographic

It’s always hard to pin down a demographic for a channel like this. It’s three different personalities and all of them are likeable, but at the same time, a group channel like this always raises the risk that one of the members might annoy you. For me, this is not the case, so overall I would recommend their channel to everyone who likes gaming channels with multiple personalities, a “best-friends-dynamic” and a vast array of different games. They are around 30 years old (as am I), which probably means something to someone. Everyone who likes british humour, be it mature or (sometimes very) immature, should enjoy Hat Films. If you are a parent and you’re looking for channels to watch for your children, they might not be the best choice. There is some crass humour, cursing and lots of sexual innuendos.

The Examples

In the following I wanted to show you some of their content, that I feel represents them the best. I will try to only post videos that are more or less recent, because like every channel, they developed over time and their old videos might not be what you will get if you subscribe to them now. First of all, here’s their channel trailer:

Hat Films channel Trailer

In my opinion it doesn’t really do them justice. It seems a bit much like one of those very loud channels where lots of screaming happens. But that’s not really them. Still, there’s some funny examples in there that showcase their style.

Also, it’s almost impossible to show you the whole channel in two or three videos. Make sure you visit their channel and see for yourself!

A randomly chosen TTT video.

As the caption says, I chose this one more or less randomly. There’s lots of TTT on their channel and always with some guests (mostly from the Yogscast). Of course this one has Sips in it, which is a plus, but it still represents the channel well.

One of the VLOGS.

This is one of those vlogs I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s a lot different to their other content, but I wanted to post at least one of them. There’s lots of goofing around, some very amateur downhill biking and a curious grouse involved. It’s not the most well-produced of their vlogs, but it’s still entertaining.

A very recent video finishes off their “Hat VS” season 1, where they compete for fame and fortune (or a wooden trophy).

Hat VS is one of their most recent projects, where the three face and goof off against each other in various episodes and games. I don’t recommend watching this right now if the last three videos did already convince you that you’re gonna subscribe. Better watch the whole season 1, it’s funny, I promise. If you’re not convinced, maybe this will help. Maybe not.

The closing words

There’s always a lot more to say when you recommend something to others. But there’s really no point. It’s like that moment when you’re showing a video that you thought was hilarious to a friend, but he/she just seems so unimpressed, you stop it halfway through and say “Yeah, it wasn’t that funny, I know.”

In the end, you gotta see for yourself. This is a very diverse channel with three very talented and entertaining characters that I highly recommend. The ‘boiks’ really grew on me and I’m at the point where I watch almost every upload. So that’s it for me, thanks for reading!

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Hat Films on YouTube

Hat Films on Twitch

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