The plan

Right now creatorDB is a proof of concept. It has the bare minimum of features, that we required to press the “go live” button. Right now, it is built on WordPress, which has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. It is quick to set up and open source always means many possibilities for modifications and changes.

But it is a one-fits-all solution, and we don’t really want that. We want a system that is built for nothing else but creatorDB. We want to make it bigger, include casters/commentators, podcasts and more. And we have around 40 features in mind, that will make it easier and more fun to find new content.

All of this would be a pretty complex and financially challenging undertaking. But we are ready to go this route, if we get the understanding, that there is actual interest and need for a platform like this.

We do believe so. We hope you do too, so we can start soon and realize our full vision, to give you a platform that makes it super-duper easy to find interesting content creators all over the internet. Cheers.