I make flight sim videos. I also enjoy real-world flying and reading weird comments. I’m a commercial pilot spending too much time as a virtual air traffic controller.

The Bandit’s Slot

Welcome to The Bandit! Find me on Twitter…… @YouBanditTube Visit my website – for plenty of exciting stuff! Great prize giveaways coming soon, watch this space! Enjoy the videos, there will be Slots, Slots and probably more Slots Do you fancy entering a competition

Joe Robinet

This channel is mainly bushcraft style camping trips, sometimes I build a natural shelter, sometimes I sleep in a tent, under a tarp, or in the snow. I try to show the realities of being out in the bush, weather it be an overnighter in


Hi, I am blAke. You can also call me Marco, that’s the name my parents gave me. I am a 30 year old gamer from Switzerland that makes gaming-related hiphop/rap/pop/whatever music. You could also call it nerdcore, a lot of people do. I am also

Hat Films

Combining our force of awesome to create films designed to melt faces, this is Hat Films! But who are those insane voices in these ridiculous videos? Why it’s Ross Hornby, Chris Trott and Alex Smith of course! We play Grand Theft Auto 5, Trials, Worms,