Our Story

It was a cold, cloudy summer day in the medium-sized canton of Argovia in the heart, well, upper middle part, of Helvetia. So like any other day in Switzerland.

The future creator of creatorDB.io was watching a YouTube video of a new channel he just found while browsing reddit. He was not really sure what he was watching, but he enjoyed it immensely. So much in fact, that he watched the entirety of the thirty-something videos on that channel in one sitting. It was glorious. He laughed so hard, that his belly felt sore and he forgot about the cold, depressing weather. But after he watched the last video, he was all but sad. All of that glorious entertainment by this strange man on the internet has been watched now. And there has not been any activity on this profile for twentytwelve months. He was in despair.

So he went on a quest to find similiar channels on the world wide web, but just couldn’t find anything. After two long hours of searching, he resigned in disappointment. His patience was gone and his day was ruined.

Little did he know that there were actually sixteen other channels hidden in the deep depths of YouTube, that were very similiar to this particularly enjoyable chap’s channel. Unfortunately, YouTube was presistently recommending videos by Jimmy Kimmel.

So an idea was born. To make sure the ones who will come after him might find channels they actually enjoy. So that it won’t just be the occasional discovery on reddit or twitter that will provide people with more content to watch. So that the vast sea of talented, hard-working creators won’t drown in the wreckage that is recommendation engines and f*cking ‘trending’.

The End.