So you’re a content creator and stumbled upon this site and now you’re wondering “what the hell is this and why am I on this!?”?

Now, we are creators ourselves, so please let us explain. We do not want to steal your assets, your content or get a profit out of this. We want to make this a win-win for both viewers and you as the creator.

In an ideal world, creatorDB will help viewers find your channel and get to know you better. And you as the creator would claim your listing and curate it (without censoring it, because we don’t like that), so that new viewers will get to your channel. Because let’s be honest, how are people gonna find your channel by just being on YouTube or Twitch? We see this as an opportunity, and we hope you might too!

Now, we don’t want to be dicks about it and the media and assets are your material, so if you don’t want them on here, we understand. Just contact us through our contact form, with a little proof that it’s you, and the media will get deleted. We can also delete the listing, if there are no reviews on there. However, to protect our users from unnecessary censorship, we won’t remove entire listings if there are reviews on them. If this still isn’t enough for you, please contact us and we hope to find a solution.

The better way and our recommendation though, is to claim your listing and add only the promotional stuff you want to display. Like other database websites, creatorDB can be used for promotional purposes, absolutely free. Use it as a display window for your channel, so that new people can find the content you work on day and night!

So if you want to stay, here’s how you claim your listing:

  • Register as a user
  • Search for your listing and go to its details page
  • Press the “Claim this listing” button
  • Fill out the form with some form of proof of identity (we leave that to you, just make sure it’s sufficient)
  • You’ll get contacted and we will hand the listing over to you. You can now do with it as you please, just be gentle.
  • By the way, you can’t delete reviews, but you can report them if they are untruthful, offensive or just trying to lower your rating. They will get deleted if they are.

Also, if you want to send your viewers over to rate your listing, feel free. Just don’t tell them what to say or how to rate your channel, or we might get a little upset and delete those reviews. For added effect, you can display your listing / rating by using the Creator Widget! It’s easy to configure and add to your website or on social media.

In any case, we from creatorDB want to say we appreciate all the work you’ve done to deliver entertaining content to people all around the world. Keep it up!